What Clients Say

What Other’s Say About Judy! team1

“Judy has proven to be a tremendous asset in helping me to focus on the important things in my life and to determine the best direction for my future.  She takes the time to listen to not only what you are saying, but, more importantly, to what you’re not saying that may be an influencing factor. Judy has an incredible knack for keying in on the pertinent discussion points that others might miss and exploring them more deeply to get at the real issues.  She is highly motivated by an inner passion and she inspires others to meet challenges, as well as celebrate victories.

In these times of stressful deadlines, heavy workloads, and dual roles, Judy has allowed me to calm the raging winds, given me permission to focus on myself, and helped me take some courageous steps forward that I was hesitant to previously take. Her coaching has had a tremendous impact on my life.”

Project Manager, Oviedo, Florida

(excerpt from a client letter)

woman-in-city“Judy, I wanted to let you know that I got a job. The best part is I asked for the position and I created it!!! THANK YOU  for helping me figure out what I wanted to do!!  It has everything I wanted. Thank you for being my guide. I couldn’t have done it without you. You pointed me in the direction and I went forward.  I can’t remember feeling this energized about something. It is an incredible feeling. It also helps put other areas in my life into perspective. Life still is crazy but I am learning to say no and know my limitations. Very Liberating.”

Personal Assistant, Winter Park, Florida

“Judy listens to what is said as well as the feeling behind the dialog. She asks questions to stimulate optional ways of thinking which has  helped me through some tough decisions about both my personal and professional life. I benefited tremendously from her coaching.”

Corporate Training Manager, Orlando, Florida


“I wanted to leave a lucrative career that I’d grown to hate in order to pursue an area that I loved. Judy was instrumental in helping me work through the fear, maintain a level head, put my tasks in order of importance, and focus on moving ahead all while being my biggest fan. Her assurance that I could make it happen was what kept me going. I’m now running my own business, teaching seminars, helping people build “user-friendly” homes, and thoroughly enjoying my new life. No matter what transition you’d like to make or challenges you’re facing; Judy’s constant focus and wonderful suggestions can help you through.”

Small Business Owner, Apopka, Florida

“Judy did an outstanding job of coaching me. Her level of professionalism and skills has led me to refer others to her. Most importantly, Judy has strong character and I will continue to recommend clients to her.”

Recruiting Manager, Orlando