I’ll See It When I Believe It – March 2009

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I’m sure you’ve all experienced it:  the cloudy, gloomy day after a string of beautiful clear skies.  My first thought is-‘oh well, good day to focus on stuff I have to do inside’.  Then there’s another cloudy day and then another.  Soon you feel as drab inside as it is outside.  Until the next bright sunny day comes along you don’t realize just how low energy you had become.

I think the same thing is happening now only instead of a gloomy view from the window we have a gloomy view from our minds.  In fact, one of my clients started our call out the other day by saying, “Do you have any idea how many negative people there are out there??  I’m thinking I need to get new people!”  Of course, we have ample reason to feel gloomy-the economy, the….wait, I’m not going to list them all the bad stuff.  That will just reinforce it.  I think we need to focus less on the tragic and more on the magic.

My personal jolt of sunshine came this morning in the grocery store.  Walking through the produce section I heard someone call, “Judy, is that you?”  I turned to see a high school friend that I haven’t seen in I-have-no-clue-how-many years.  Aside from a little gray hair, she looked exactly the same.  But, more than that, she acted exactly the same.  When she saw me she jumped up and down (we were both cheerleaders so we used to do that a lot) and gave me a big hug.  She was beaming.  I felt like the clouds were parting, the fog was lifting and the sun was poking through.  We had a whirlwind of an exchange (she was holding up the check out line while she went to grab one more thing) and parted with promises of getting in touch soon.  Afterwards, I felt just how far I had to sink to get back to my ‘pre-encounter’ level.  Wow-what a wake up call!

Then I remembered a story that a friend of mine told me. Her granddaughter just turned 5 and, like many little girls now, had a Princess Birthday party.  In addition to all the girls dressing like princesses, my friend had her niece (who is 18) stop by as a ‘visiting princess’.  She was all dressed up and entertained the little girls with princess stories.  The girls were in awe.  The only tense moment came when the ‘visiting princess’ had to leave and all the girls insisted on coming out to see her horse-drawn coach.  Thinking that the site of a Honda Accord would not fit the image very well, my friend came up with some story about how she had to leave very quickly and could not have them escort her out.  The interesting thing is that the birthday girl did not even recognize her.  In fact, after the party, my friend fully expected her to put it together.  She never did.  She just talks about how special she felt to have a real princess come to her birthday party.

I guess some might say that she really did recognize her but wanted to believe in the magic more.  Or maybe, she believed in the magic so much that she really only saw a beautiful princess.  What are you seeing in your life?

I think it’s time for me to believe that I can still be that energetic, beaming cheerleader.  How about you?  What do you believe in more:  the problems, difficulties and bad news or the possibilities, the hope and the magic?  Remember you will see what you believe!


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