Small Group Workshops

In workshops you will learn skills to enhance your personal effectiveness. I offer workshops on a variety of topics including:

  • Leadership Vision and Goals

Are you challenged to balance your time between accomplishing your own work and providing leadership and guidance to others?

We spend so much of our work lives accomplishing our individual responsibilities. The next step is moving into leadership. Leadership is the ability to accomplish more through others than you could alone. To do this, you must be able to create a compelling vision, establish goals in-line with that vision, and inspire others so that they bond together for success. In this highly interactive session you will learn and apply the critical skills that you need to create a plan for your leadership success.

  • Working with Others: Choosing the Right Approach

Prior to class, all participants take a brief behavioral inventory. During class, we discuss in detail the different behavioral “types”. Participants will receive the results of their inventory and will learn techniques to identify another person’s personality “type”. We will also discuss ways to adjust behavior for more successful relationships.

  • Women Recreating LIFE

Is your life everything that you want it to be?
Are you having fun, making a difference, and full of energy?

Many women today are finding themselves increasingly frustrated by the conflict between the many things they want to do and the length of their to-do list, between having fun and getting things done, and between making a difference and just making it to the weekend. If this sounds like you, perhaps you need to add more LIFE into your life!

In this interactive session we will look at Laughter, Inspiration, Fulfillment, and Energy. We’ll talk about why they are important and what gets in their way. Through our discussion and exercises you’ll walk away with ideas and action plans to put more LIFE into your life!