Are you interested in interacting with others in a learning environment but you have no time to attend a workshop? Maximize your time and learn by participating in a tele-class series session. Just think, without leaving your home or office, you can participate in a one-hour, interactive learning environment with people from the other end of your town or the other end of the country. A great way to both learn AND expand your network.

What is a tele-class?

Both time-efficient and cost effective, tele-classes bring all of the advantages of group learn to you through your telephone without the drawbacks of the time and cost of transportation.

How does a tele-class work?

Prior to the tele-class, I will send you the call in number (known as a “bridge” number) and instructions. Typically, I will also send some ‘pre-work’ via e-mail. These are very short assignments (e.g., questions to consider or brief readings) that will help you ensure that the material you learn in the class is more directly applicable to your life. At the date and time of the call, you simply call the bridge number and I will be on the line to greet you for the class. It’s that simple!

Most tele-classes are an hour long. Some tele-classes are stand-alone and others are a part of a series, depending upon the topic.

What is the cost of a tele-class?

Some of my tele-classes are free because I want to introduce you to topics and tools that you may not be aware of that can greatly improve your life. In those cases, the only cost is an hour of your time and, perhaps, the cost of the call (if the bridge line is a long distance number). Other classes have a nominal fee (typically $10-$20 per session).

Please contact me for the current tele-class schedule.