Here are some websites that I use or websites of trusted colleagues that I feel proud to share. Explore the sites and if you have any questions about my experiences with them, feel free to contact me.

Business Information:

Bnet describes itself as the “go to place for management”. They have short articles and video clips on a variety of the hottest management-related topics.

This Harvard Business School website offers a newsletter has articles organized by business topic and industry. Through their newsletter and article archives they give us exposure to cutting edge thinking in the business world.


Steve Goodier focuses on the positive side of life. I enjoy his newsletters which always contain a story that I find both uplifting and inspirational.

Personal Development:

I try to surround myself with positive, talented people. I have to say that Cathy Brennan is right up there on the top of the list. She went from being a nurse to having an interest in holistic practices to coaching. She now combines her holistic knowledge with her coaching to help her clients connect to their strengths and values so that they can lead a life they love.

More than an author, Janet is a guide to getting in touch with your deepest beliefs and values through journaling. She has an amazing personal story and uses her background and experiences to simultaneously challenge and support you.

Personal Services:

Rome wasn’t built in a day and a business isn’t built by just one person (at least my business wasn’t!). Cathy, my virtual assistant, has had a hand in just about everything that I offer my clients. If you haven’t heard the term ‘virtual assistant’ and are curious—check out her website.

Are you interested in living a more ‘green’ lifestyle? EmagineGreen provides the information and products to help you make more eco-friendly choices. They have a team of ‘Green’ coaches to educate and guide you and a catalog full of products to help you save both money and the environment!

Have you always wanted to spend time at a spa but can never find the time (or money) to do it? Bonnie Snyder has the only ‘virtual spa’. Through Serenity Pathways she offers a variety of spa rooms to help you focus, re-energize, or just relax.

Skill Building and Training:

Doug is an expert on using story telling to enhance presentations and in the workplace to enhance learning. I heard Doug speak at a conference and was immediately hooked. I have his books and have listened to his audio series.

Jennifer provides training on a long list of work related topics. She has an impressive background in human resources and training along with certification to teach everything from Customer Service Skills to First Aid to many of the top management and leadership programs.

Unique Gifts:

I am always looking for gift ideas that are beautiful, unique, affordable, and appropriate for the person that has everything.  That’s a pretty tall order.  Here are some of my favorites:

Debi has never done anything that isn’t first class.  She now has a line of high quality, hand crafted note card with original photography.  Beautiful photos (flowers, animals,  nature scenes) are mounted on acid free card stock and come in note card and greeting card size.